This summer my nails’s color was an obsession for me. How do you like your nails?? simple? french manicure? neon colors? red ones? black?

For today I’ve choose the golden nail polish – I just love it !

0 thoughts on “Nail Polish Mania”

  1. Wow lovely colourful post!! I would love my nals to be simple and currently im obsessed with grey and brown, but ur gold nails are looking really amazing 🙂

    thx for commenting on my post, much appreciated! Im following ur lovely blog now, pls do follow mine too via google friend connect if u haven't already, it'll mean so much to me! thx! 🙂


  2. wow! I love polishing my nails but it's a no-no in school :((, so maybe after school (during sem break) hehe..
    thanks for dropping by anyway @ my blog anyway and for the comment..
    cute blog!

  3. I am recently addicted to hot-red color for my toe 😀 and I usually asked to apply playful motives for my fingers.

    thx for the comment on my blog, appreciate it..


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