Dupa ce ani de zile, Costinestiul reprezenta pentru mine fascinatia litoralului romanesc, anul acesta l-am gasit mult prea aglomerat si poate un pic chiar banal. Discotecile ce erau odata top in lista mea de iesit, Megadiscoteca Tineretului si Disco Ring, si-au pierdut parca din farmec (no offence). Vara asta am vazut o alta latura a litoralului de care m-am indragostit profund. Am sa va pun la curent cu locurile pe care le-am vizitat si ce mi-a placut mai mult la fiecare in parte… so stay tuned. 

Costinesti was always my favorite place at the seaside, but this year I found it crowded and maybe a bit trivial. Discos that were once on my top outgoing list, like Megadiscoteca Tineretului and Disco Ring, lost their glamour (no offence). This summer I’ve seen another side of the littoral, one that I fall in love with. I’m gonna show you the places I’ve visited and and what I loved at each one… so stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Zi de vara”

  1. I guess that the more you visit somewhere, the more you fall out of love with it. We tend to see past experiences through rose colored glass, and then one day we see it for what it is.

    However, if I were you I would definitely love this place! It seems wonderful! I love traveling. In fact, I started my blog (which you visited and commented on; Grazie mille!) because of my recent travels to France and Spain.

    Kisses from Miami,


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